Sample Event Menus

Sun Pesto

(Sun dried tomatoes, pesto & black olives)  

Blue Moon

(Blue cheese, Serrano ham, red onion & lemon chilli salt)

Smokey Brisket

(Slow cooked beef brisket, mushrooms, red onion & BBQ sauce)

Meat Sizzler

(Pepperoni, jalapeños & chilli seasoning)


(Ham, artichokes, mushrooms & black olives)


(Ham & pineapple)


(A mixture of mild & spicy pepperoni slices)

Meat Feast

(Pepperoni, chorizo & ham)


(Anchovies & capers)


(Ham, mushrooms & mascarpone)

Full Monty

(Bacon, sausage slices, mushrooms & fresh tomatoes)


(Chilli con carne, peppers, jalapeños, salsa & sour cream)

Vegetarian Options


(Fresh & grated mozarella & fresh basil leaves)

Deluxe Margherita

(Margherita with fresh tomatoes & black olives)

Veg Feast

(Mushrooms, peppers, red onions & olives) 

Veg Royale

(Artichoke, spinach, red onion & olives) 

Veg Sizzler

(Peppers, red onions, jalapeños & chilli seasoning) 

Garlic Roasted

(Garlice roasted courgette, peppers & onions & olives)

Blue Shroom

(Mushrooms, red onions, blue cheese & lemon chilli salt) 

Autumn Special

(Butternut squash, sage, pine nuts & ricotta) 


(Peppers, red onions & pineapple)


(Spinach, black olives & mascarpone) 

Leonardo (di capra)

(Caramelised onion, red onion & goats cheese)

Veg Mex

(Chilli non carne, peppers, jalapeños, salsa & sour cream) 

We can Supply A Bespoke Menu For Your Party Or Event

Optional Extras 

Vegan cheese

Available on any pizza for your vegan or lactose intolerant guests


Gluten free bases

Available for any of our pizzas

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